10 principles Underspent men & women love and live by!

1. Living on less than we earn Could you live on 70% of your take-home pay?

2. Saving 10 – 20% of everything we earn

3. Budgeting our expenses We have separate bank accounts for bills, groceries, car repairs, insurance etc

4. Watching our money earn more money The 20% we save each month, it just keeps on earning money!

5. Guarding our gold. Better a little caution than a big regret. We like to ignore the advice of people with fanciful ‘too good to be true’ propositions and ‘get rich quick and be a millionaire overnight’ schemes!

6. Ensuring that we have money to protect us against life’s unexpected events 45% of jobs, including high-skilled roles, are able to be fully automated in the next 5 to 7 years. Only 35% of the men and women I interviewed for my 3rd book ‘Be Ready. The future is NOW!’ have a plan for the future. I am still in shock, 65% of men and women have no money and no plan for their future.

7. Spending money but living according to our budget. We love going out for dinner and on holiday but we don’t crave the things that we can’t afford. We have no desire for years of credit card repayments!

8. Buying only what we can afford. …Because debts are enemies. Modern slaves are not in chains, they’re in debt

9. Being content with the things that we already have and own. New things are nice and we like nice things but we avoid lavish spending to instantly gratify our desires and ‘status shopping’ to ‘keep up with the Joneses’

10. Asking for help We know that time, study, action and determination take us forward to the successes that we desire. Most people say that the one thing that would change their life the most is being mortgage-free.