10 top tips to make your city lucrative, liveable and lovable with Car Free Days Out.

Right now Brisbane is in the midst of a humid heatwave which means everyone is heading to the beach. Traffic congestion is often as bad – if not worse – on Saturdays and Sundays as it is on weekdays. 53% of trips are for ‘other’ purposes and only 25% are commuting. The Gold Coast Bulletin reported that there are up to 3,000 vehicles an hour on The Spit at tourist peak times. 65% of Gold Coast visitors are day trippers and I’d say the 2,500 tourism businesses want people (and money) not cars! Car Free Days Out provides an opportunity for Mayors and City Leaders to cut traffic congestion and boost business.

A Car Free Day Out encourages motorists to give up their car for just one day and visit their local museum, beach or tourist attraction on foot, by bicycle or using public transport. Car Free tourism makes towns and cities lucrative, liveable and lovable. If you are a Mayor, MP or City Leader here’s how to get things started:

  1. Carry out a visitor travel survey of the current day trip market.
  2. Assess your existing assets and facilities e.g. open top buses, water taxis and coastal bikeways.
  3. Host a Car Free Days Out seminar.
  4. Develop a Tourism without Traffic
  5. Offer one-to-one individually tailored consultancy advice for tourism businesses.
  6. Set up a Car Free Days Out network of transport, tourism, recreation and hospitality businesses.
  7. Encourage a group of ambassadors to pioneer demonstration projects.
  8. Have a group of champions share their knowledge with those wanting to start Car Free Days Out.
  9. Set up a website with a blog, an online resource library and online tools to support businesses.
  10. Share your successes with an annual “Album of Distinction” showcasing the best new projects and successes.

Clicking ‘LIKE’ on Facebook does NOTHING (sorry to be so blunt!). If weekend and holiday traffic congestion is a nightmare where you live please send these 10 Top Tips to your Mayor, City Leaders and local Council.

Download here 5 Car free days out

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