2019 The Year of Underspent Happiness

My life changed forever in 2014. The culmination of a spontaneous New Years Resolution and a lifestyle experiment. 

I didn’t buy anything new or 2nd hand in 2014 and saved $52,680 (38% of my salary).

In 2014 I broke my habit of impulse shopping and ‘buying just for the sake of buying’ – I changed my spending and transformed my savings. It changed my life, and I felt happier and more content.

I also paid off my mortgage in 7 years not 25 years. 

I’m on a mission in 2019 to help you and others to be Underspent (not overspent), debt-free, stress-free, happier, more content and (a little bit closer to being) mortgage-free. 

Knowing how or where to start is often the hardest part of all. So, I’ll be doing everything what I can to help YOU make change happen. I’ll be continuing with the weekly Monday blog and monthly challenges as well as starting (from mid-January) a series of online workshops, Q&A sessions, talks and some really cool and exciting Underspent adventures. 

Until then… Happy New Year! 

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