What’s on your FEAR list? – March 2019 Book Review

UNDERSPENT MONTHLY BOOK REVIEW. Every month I’m going to review a “money” book and share some key findings with you. The book for March 2019 was ‘Miracles Now – 108 life-changing tools for less stress, more flow, and finding your true purpose’.

Chapter 2 ‘Clean up your side of the street’ starts by saying “You must be willing to look at your behaviour and take responsibility for the life you’ve created up until now”.

How true is that statement for shopping, spending, saving personal debt, fear of change and behaviour change? 

Gabby, the author, says to make a list of your ten biggest fears. 

  • What are your biggest fears
  • How have they dominated your life? 

Gabby says “Next to each fear, write down the reason you believe this fear to be true”. 

The book explains that our fears are based on an experience from our past that we’ve been replaying over and over for decades. Or, our fears maybe be based on a future event that hasn’t even happened. 

For example, when I started my consulting business, people constantly said “What will you do if you fail?”. Perhaps this was their experience of the past? Or, their fear of something that may not happen? 

Gabby says “Fear is just False Evidence Appearing Real. When you act on this false evidence, you create chaos in your life”.

This exercise helps to focus, look closely at our fears and take responsibility for what we’ve created. 

What do you think? 

Will you give this a go?