BLOG – What I buy. What passes my 90 day “Waiting List” (2 minute read)

I didn’t buy anything new or 2nd hand in 2014. The culmination of a spontaneous New Years Resolution and a lifestyle experiment. It changed my life forever.

The number one reason for men and women over-shopping and over-spending is that they’re never satisfied with what they already have and own. Constantly buying more, yet never satisfied. A constant cycle of buying more.

Since January 2015 I’ve had a 3 month Waiting List. I “Stop, Wait, Want BEFORE I Buy”.

  • Stop – It’s a easy to ‘Impulse Shop’. We pop out for a sandwich at lunchtime and head back to the office with a new dress. I’m not against a wander around the shops at lunchtime but I STOP and get out my Waiting List.
  • Wait – I write down what I think I want to buy on my 3 month waiting list. If 90 days is too long for you, have a go at 24 hours or 3 days.
  • Want – If I still want said item when the 90 days have passed I’ll buy it. I’ll be honest with you, 9 times out of 10 I don’t! 

Here’s what’s passed my “90 day Waiting List” so far this year.

  • A pair of $150 Josef Seibel sandals. I’d wanted them since I broke my ankle in May 2018. I needed sensible sandals not flip flops!. I traded in my Qantas points for a Westfield voucher and got them for free.
  • A pair of Sussan linen shorts. I waited and waited. My 10 year old blue shorts have almost worn out. The original price was $79.99. I got them for $16 at the end of the sale. I’d waited and made sure I really wanted and needed them. 

I’ve got my eye on a green dress at Gorman. If it’s still there in July, I MIGHT try it on and maybe buy it. If it’s not, I’ll say “No worries”. Let’s face it, I don’t actually need it! 

My 2014 ‘Year of no buying’ made me realise I used to be an Impulse Shopper and ‘Buy just for the sake of buying’. Now I’m a Concious Consumer. I’m content with what I’ve got, I think about what I already have and I  ‘Stop, Wait and Want’ BEFORE Buying. 

Would you give waiting a go?

Thanks for reading.

Until next time…