7 reasons why I’m in favour of buying mobility rather than buying car metal.

What’s something that really annoys you? Perhaps its paying for something you don’t use, maybe its wasting time sitting in traffic congestion or maybe its trying to find a car parking space. Wasting time and money really annoys me.

Owning a car means spending money; car registration fees, car insurance, servicing fees, repairs and maintenance, fuel purchases, renting or buying a garage/car storage and car parking fees. Buying mobility can leave us underspent not overspent. It has the potential to change our spending and transform our savings. Being Underspent is something I’m really passionate about!

  1. The average car is parked 90% of the time
  2. The average Australian adult spends the first 8 weeks of each year working just to pay for their car.
  3. Our car is the second most expensive item we buy. An average new medium sized car costs $20,000.00
  4. The national average cost of comprehensive car insurance in RateCity’s comparison is $735.60, with Sydney remaining the most expensive city in Australia to insure your car with an average cost of $1142.55.
  5. The average car registration is around $800 per year
  6. Cars need a service every 6 – 12 months and repairs can be a costly especially when labour is $151.04 per hour.
  7. Motoring organisations suggest the total running costs for a medium sized car are $200 per week

So how can we buy mobility rather than buying car metal? The Mobility Revolution, a move toward environmentally-aware, quality-of-life enhancing electric, autonomous and shared vehicles is here. It’s going to changes how we live, work. move and play. The opportunities are endless: community car share schemes, by the day car rental, by the hour car sharing like GoGet, one way car sharing, ride sharing like Uber, peer-2-peer car parking, on-demand public transport, bike sharing and e-bicycles to name but a few.

Check out Kutsuplus ( Helsinki, Finland) one of world’s first attempts to provide on-demand buses and RadioBus (Czech Republic) operated like line bus transport with a regular timetable but every ride is held only when somebody confirms by telephone or internet that it will be used.

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I’m Rachel Smith. I’m the Author of Decongestion – 7 steps for mayors and other city leaders to cut traffic congestion without the expense of new roads or annoyed residents. I help Mayors cut traffic congestion so that our cities are lucrative, liveable and lovable.