#APCC Think Tank “What will cycling success look like 10 years from now?”

To think about our target audiences and what we really want to achieve I asked my #APCC Think Tank what they think cycling success will look like 10 years from now.

This is what they said.

  • People of all shapes and sizes riding bicycles
  • Infrastructure accommodation is much improved for cyclists
  • Less cars
  • Women cycling
  • Less lycra
  • People less concerned about safety
  • Safety improvements
  • Safe and efficient bike routes (central and decentralised)
  • Can’t find a place to park my bike
  • People just using bikes and not making a big point of it
  • Always seeing people riding bicycles
  • Increased participation levels
  • Strong commercialisation
  • Cycling in the school curriculum
  • If the mode share targets are met
  • Prevalence of cycling infrastructure
  • Change in general of traffic attitudes to cycling
  • Cycling is mainstream and something that ordinary people do
  • Lots of bicycles on the roads
  • Everyone cycling to work
  • All kids cycling to school
  • More room on the roads for bikes
  • More cyclists (percentage)
  • Better facilities
  • New lycra
  • More women
  • More infrastructure
  • Everyone owns a bicycle
  • Completed network
  • No cars
  • Double the current mode share
  • Roads dominated by cyclists
  • More electric bikes
  • More kids riding bikes to get around
  • Young people cycling to school and university
  • People choosing to ride a bike rather than driving a car
  • 10% mode share
  • 10% mode funding
  • 100% of schools with bike shed sand bike parking
  • 90% of kids riding
  • Cycling standard in schools
  • Lots of people using bikes for as a everyday mode of transport
  • Pedestrians and cyclists at the top of the transport hierarchy
  • Harmony
  • Many commuter cyclists
  • Respect from majority of other road users
  • P platers not aiming at cyclists
  • Roads clogged with bikes
  • We wouldn’t be talking about cycling
  • Cycling is mainstream… everyone just does it
  • 100% of people ride in a year

We rated the comments – using the sticky red dot system! – the highest ranking success factors were:

  1. More women cycling
  2. Less Lycra
  3. Cycling is mainstream… everyone just does it
  4. We wouldn’t be talking about cycling
  5. Roads dominated by cyclists

Now we got the basis of a social media campaign and a cycling strategy

What do you think success will look like?