#APCC Think Tank creates 3 Cycling Social Media Campaigns for 2013

We worked individually, and once in pairs, to allow everyone to be critical of other people’s ideas without causing confrontation. It also allowed people to think for themselves rather than following the herd!

Using our gut feelings and immediate intuition we concluded that the ideas with the greatest impact and the highest probability of success were:

  • Incorporating cycling with family, friends, going to the beach and BBQ’s
  • Women
  • Free bikes
  • Making money

And from this we created three 2013 Australian Cycling Social Media Campaign

  1. E-petition to Richard Branson to invite him and his companies to support cycling. Once engaged work with Richard Branson and the Virgin group to develop a women and children’s cycling project enabled by social media and utilising existing public/community bike hire/share schemes. Pilot the projects in Noosa, Queensland – because Richard has a house there!
  2. Develop a series of self-organised groups and events using Facebook and Twitter and targeted at women of all ages incorporating games and gamification technology. Work in partnership with a well know women’s clothing brand e.g. Lorna Jane to provide a loyalty scheme which rewards the women who create, set-up or host and attend the cycling events
  3. Identify opportunities to work with technologists and innovators e.g. Google to create new app’s, smart phone technology and social media programs to make cycling more mainstream

Now it’s time for everyone who particpated in the Think Tank or attended APCC (in person or via Twitter!) and as many enthusiastic people as possible to make these three projects happen…