#APCC Think Tank. The popularity contest and ‘Our better ideas’

In a 3 minute Popularity Contest process we took all of the answers from all the questions…

  1. What would you do on a perfect Sunday afternoon in Australia?
  2. What will cycling success look like 10 years from now?
  3. What would Shell, BP & Caltex do/think about more people cycling?
  4. What would Richard Branson do to get more people cycling?

… and rated all the answers (three red sticky dots and three minutes per person). People placed their coloured dots next to the dots that they thought had the most potential. This narrowed down the number of ideas to create a list of ‘Better ideas’:

‘Our better ideas’ were:

  • Incorporating cycling with family, friends, going to the beach and BBQ’s
  • Women cycling
  • Less lycra
  • Making money from cycling
  • Free bikes
  • Free flights
  • Roads dominated by pedestrians and cyclists