Are ‘Bubble Parties’ the future for community involvement?

Last night Lab Team member Corinne Rose and Jay Cousins, from Open Design City in Berlin, hosted a ‘Bubble Party’. I went to a Berlin “Bubble Party” with Jay last year. They are lots of fun.

Good conversation conquers all. It leads to friendship, understanding, and serendipitous opportunities. I love talking and so I’ve made sure that I have had as many sensational conversations as possible in the Lab over the last few weeks!

Typically people don’t like speaking to strangers in public places and when we do all too often we don’t really get beyond the “where are you from?” or “what do you do?”

  • How do we get to the good stuff?
  • How do we stimulate conversations and exchanges relevant to your needs?

A Bubble Party is all about sharing—sharing conversation, time, ideas, and needs. You get to communicate your needs and you also get to jump into interesting conversations with strangers and friends alike with one simple solution: “the bubble”. Simply put you stick a label on your front with your name and a sticker on your back with what you need. For example I might say “I’m Rachel” and I’m looking for someone to teach me how to fix my bike”. I could have written “I’m Rachel” and “I’m looking for a volunteer to practice my German with!”

Open Design City co-founder Jay Cousins is passionate about creating hubs to share skills/ideas. Jay isn’t impressed by boardroom meetings and traditional community engagement techniques instead Jay believes we should show people what already exists and then empower them to get involved and ‘have a go’ because we don’t need permission to put a stamp on our own neighbourhoods and cities.

“FAB IN THE LAB” today is Jay Cousins for this quote “For bottom-up change to happen you just need one person to light a fuse”

I am going to host a Bubble party in Brisbane in September…. Stay tuned!