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Be Ready. The future is NOW! 14 steps to prepare yourself mentally, financially & professionally for our newworld of technology and automation

Our world is changing. No-one likes change—it’s uncomfortable! These changes are making job losses,redeployments, relocations and retrenchments more likely. I wanted to know what people thought about our changing world—and in particular, if they were prepared for change. So, early in 2016 I posed a number of statements to a range of professional men and women in Australia, the UK and the USA. Job losses, job uncertainty and unemployment are affecting men and women —mentally, financially and professionally.

For me, getting prepared for the future was time consuming and expensive. It doesn’t have to be for you, because in this book I share the fourteen-step process that worked for me. I’ve written this book because I want to share how I got myself ready and prepared for the future mentally, financially and professionally, and how you can too.This book is for professional men and women who want to be ready. In this book, I’ll tell you what I did—I’ll share the process and tools that worked for me. This is a practical guide to preparing for the future.

The 5 common mistakes we make – From my research, interviews, conversations and informal chats with professional men and women in Australia, the UK and the USA, I identified what I believeto be the five most common pre–job loss mistakes we make. Understanding and addressing these is crucial to being ready for the future.

  1. Being blissfully unaware
  2. Being too focused on perfection
  3. Being too scared to act
  4. Being financially unprepared
  5. Being personally irresponsible

The fourteen steps I took to prepare mentally, financially and professionallyfor the future were:

  • Step 1: I had dealt with what was holding me back
  • Step 2: I knew my story
  • Step 3: I had identified my passions and priorities
  • Step 4: I was underspent, not overspent
  • Step 5: I’d made a rule to save at least 20 per cent of everything I earned
  • Step 6: I’d created a portfolio of assets
  • Step 7: I’d perfected my LinkedIn profile
  • Step 8: I’d asked for help
  • Step 9: I had an accountability group
  • Step 10: I’d focused on who I knew, as much as what I knew
  • Step 11: I’d sent myself on learning expeditions
  • Step 12: I had my own ‘gig economy’
  • Step 13: I went out and had fun
  • Step 14: I was positive—no-one likes a whinger

For me, the ultimate result of implementing the fourteen steps I’ve set out in this book was:

  • being ready, right now, for our new world of technology and automation
  • getting multiple job offers
  • receiving endless contractor and freelance opportunities
  • putting all of my redundancy money into my savings account
  • being underspent and feeling relaxed and stress-free
  • having a range of products and assets
  • owning a body of independent research on our attitudes to change, technology, money, debt and transport