BLOG – 3 Top-Tips for a Debt-Free December (1 minute read)

I reckon Christmas is about the people and the Brussels Sprouts, not the buying and spending.

Christmas can be a very stressful and expensive time. There’s an expectation that we have to spend a lot of time and money at the shops searching for the perfect gift for people who we know already have absolutely everything!

In reality there are lots more negative consumers than positive consumers as the majority of Aussie families are worried about rising mortgages rates, job insecurity and ever increasing living costs.

Here are my debt-free solutions to celebrate the festive season.

1. Re-gifting – It’s become socially acceptable to regift a book that’s been read once and is in good clean condition. Find books you’ve read, write a personal message inside and re-gift to someone who’ll appreciate it as much as you did.

2. Presence – Give people your quality time. Organise a walk, a day at the beach, an evening of board games or a picnic in the park. In today’s busy world, time is priceless: presence really is the greatest present of all.

3. Borrow – We often need extra things at Christmas time; bedding, dinner plates, saucepans, garden chairs, dining room chairs and wine glasses. If you need extra plates, cutlery or chairs, borrow them from friends or neighbours. It’s ok to ask. Chances are you might only need the items for a day or two.

Will you give it a go?

The Underspent Challenge for December is to share your Debt-Free December solutions. Earlier today I shared Lucy’s Christmas Cake gift idea.

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Until next week…