BLOG – Bags, Bans, Banks and Blindspots. Why we all need to ditch False Hope, spend less and act NOW (2 minute read)

July 1st saw the Queensland single-use plastic bag ban. It was an epic fail. People complained. “I’m entitled to free bags” and “I expect bags to be provided” they said. Supermarkets provided complimentary bags.

In the same week ASIC revealed Australians owe $45billion in credit card debt, much of which will never be repaid.

Why can’t we carry a cloth bag?
Why don’t we curb our out-of-control debt?

Because, most of us live in ‘False Hope’. We believe:
– Other people will provide what we need
– House prices will double, triple…
– Interest rates will remain low
– Banks will always lend us money
– Wages will grow and our Super will be enough
– Unexpected expenses won’t happen
I reckon we all need to ditch the False Hope, spend less and act NOW.

My favourite quote is from a lady in Berlin. She said, in a workshop about sharing, “We need to learn how to do things differently now, because we won’t have time to ‘learn’ when we are in the middle of a social, economic or environmental crisis”

She’s right. We can’t afford to be blindsided. Now is the time to do things differently. Whether it’s setting up a savings account or cutting up your credit cards, don’t be too scared to act. Act NOW!.

I’m guessing you want to avoid the pain of being overspent and in debt. And, you want to gain the pleasure of being Underspent and being able to afford the lifestyle you want. That’s why next week I’m offering all blog readers a free Underspent program.

Until next time…