BLOG – Change is hard but you CAN do it

Change is hard but you CAN do it.

We are – as a culture and society – motivated to buy, buy, buy and spend, spend, spend. We are motivated to buy, spend and impulse shop every day. Because, there are TV adverts telling us to buy more. Then, there are movies telling us to buy, shop and spend. And, if that’s not enough, there are magazines and newspapers telling us to shop and spend. With all these sources/people telling us to go shopping, to buy more and to spend money we don’t have, we end up keeping in our minds that we actually do need to have more, more, more…. Clothes, shoes, electrical things, homewares, bed linen, kitchenware – the list is absolutely endless.

Change is hard but you CAN do it by asking “Do I want this? Do I need this? Do I really need and want this? Can I live without this?”

What can YOU do right now? You can do what I’ve done. Years ago I went through my wardrobe and looked at the clothes I didn’t wear very often…. It was £10 for a jumper worn twice, the £20 dress I’d worn once and the £5 t-shirt I’d worn a handful of times….. That money could have been saved or put on mortgage repayments. I didn’t really need them! I could have lived without them.

I am SOOOO happy I have broken the habit of impulse shopping. You can too. I’m running 12 Underspent challenges in 2018. One every month. The first challenge will start in mid-January.