BLOG – Concious Consuming. Stop, Wait, Want then Buy. (2 minute read)

Last week I was on Brisbane Youth Radio talking about shopping, spending and saving. I was asked to give students my best tip. I recommended they get a Waiting List – it’s what I do – because you really want what you wait for.

It’s easy to shop, spend and overspend because there are “Buy Me” signs everywhere. We see hundreds – probably thousands – of “Buy Me” signs everyday… at the bus stop, on the train, on the sides of buildings, on trucks, in shop windows, on social media, in magazines and on the TV.

I didn’t buy anything in 2014. That’s extreme – some would say crazy and insane! For me, it started as a New Years Resolution and lifestyle experiment, but it changed my life – being happier and more content. 

Now I have a 3 month Waiting List. I “Stop, Wait, Want THEN Buy”.

  • Stop – It’s a easy to ‘Impulse Shop’. We pop out for a sandwich at lunchtime and head back to the office with a new dress, shoes and bag. I’m not against a wander around the shops at lunchtime but I STOP and get out my Waiting List.
  • Wait – I write down what I think I want to buy on my 3 month waiting list. I keep my Wait List in the notes section of my iPhone. If 90 days is too long for you, have a go at 3 or 7 days.
  • Want – If I still want said item when the 90 days have passed (I’ll be honest with you, 9 times out of 10 I don’t want what I think I want)…. THEN I buy.

I reckon Concious Consuming is when we “Stop, Wait, Want THEN Buy”.

Would you give it a go?

Until next week…