BLOG – Contentment NOT Comparing. The Debt-Free Christmas (1 minute read)

Christmas 2005 was my best Christmas EVER. I spent the day knee deep in mud, shared one slice of Christmas cake with my family and sang Christmas carols with complete strangers. We were travelling to the Maasai Mara in Kenya in a rusty old minivan and spent 14 hours of Christmas Day waiting, patiently, to cross a flooded river. There were no presents, no decorations and no lavish commercial displays of affection. Instead me, my mum, dad and sister laughed until our bellies ached, created impromptu no-prop’s Christmas games, celebrated uninterrupted quality time together and made memories we’ll cherish forever. Let’s be honest. We ALSO all got a bit bored, hangry and cranky. Life isn’t perfect.

There are a LOT of high expectations surrounding Christmas. There’s a lot of pressure. From decorations to presents, to parties, to cards, there is pressure to spend, spend, spend. The biggest pressure of all, is the pressure to buy perfect gifts for the people who already have everything they want and need.

– Did you know that 25% of gift cards or gift vouchers given will be ‘unwanted gifts’?
– Every year thousands of gift cards/vouchers go unused.

This year Christmas spending is set to cost each Australian around $1,325.00. $25 billion collectively. But things are changing this year.
* 51% of Aussie’s have set a spending limit.
* 17% of Aussies are making gifts.
* 12% of Aussie’s are regifting.

Christmas doesn’t have to break the bank and it doesn’t have to create mountains of debt.

Here’s what I think is absolutely essential for a debt-free Christmas. Contentment not comparing.

Everyone is on a different life journey and we all have a different story. Let’s not compare our Christmas with others – or the TV advertisements – instead let’s enjoy the one we have. Let’s be content with what we own, the size of our home, the age of our car and the dynamics of our families. Sure, every family will have an argument – or two! – on Christmas Day but Christmas, we know, is a celebration of being together, not the perfect tree. It’s the memories we make, not the presents we receive that we’ll remember for years to come.

Do you agree?

The Underspent Challenge for December is to share your Debt-Free December solutions.

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Until next week…