BLOG – Disasters, Money and Rats in the Roof.

This week I’m in Far North Queensland on a 7 day Community Recovery deployment. Deployment is a important time for me to reflect on the value I place on financial security and having money set aside for unexpected events/emergencies.

But we don’t need to be in a Natural Disaster to need a financial contingency fund…

Last week, during the annual Pest & Termite inspection it was evident there had been – or there were – rats in the roof. “It’s Queensland” the pest man said “Everyone has rats in their roof”.

I’m a POM. I signed up for that full ultra deluxe house fumigation in seconds. I hate rats!

Here’s the thing. The Pest Man said that most people don’t have a spare $100 or $200 to pay for the treatment. He said many people have huge issues but don’t have any spare cash to pay for essential treatments. They have to live with rats – and worse – in their roof.

Financial Security is important to me. It’s one of my values.
Is it for you?
What do you think?

Until next time…

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