BLOG – Fads. Why do we ‘buy into’ them and do they encourage us to Overspend? (2 minute read)

I hated the Top of the Pops sticker books. Everyone at school had sticker books. Lunchtimes were spent swapping stickers and critiquing other people’s ‘sticker success’. Like everyone my age, I spent mine, and my parents, hard earned cash buying stickers at the weekend. It was a fad and a ‘popular obsession’. It was hard to be different, and say “No, I’m not being involved” when you’re only 12 years old. 

I wish I could go back and tell my 12 year old self that you don’t have to ‘buy into’ novelty, mass marketing, emotional blackmail, peer pressure or the desire to be ‘cool’. It’s ok to do your own thing. 

Why did my 12 year old self ‘buy into’ the Fad? Because, it was a collective behaviour. Something that I ‘thought’ everyone else at school was doing. I’m old enough now, to know, that they weren’t!. 

Did the Fad encourage me to Overspend? Yes. A fad or craze within a culture, generation, social group or school that ‘everyone’ is enthusiastically following encourages overspending… when I was at school kids said “someone could buy the most wanted sticker…”.

Things haven’t changed. Millions of women (and men) have likely gone out and spent hundreds – perhaps thousands – of dollars on storage solutions as a result of watching an episode of Marie Kondo’s ‘Tidying Up’. The popularity of tidying may be short lived now that life is back to normal – school drop-offs, commuting, work deadlines, snow, heatwaves, grocery shopping, the ironing pile and bills to pay. 

Thankfully at my school the Sticker Book fad faded when the novelty of buying stickers was gone. 

I’ll go back and tell 12 year old Me “Don’t deviate from your Passions and Priorities – Do what’s right for you”. 

What do think?

Do you agree? Disagree?

Thanks for reading. 

Until next week…