BLOG – Fees Fuel Overspending. Why I’m freeing myself of fees. (2 minute read) 

It’s easy to overspend. And, Fees Fuel Overspending.

Fees are everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. There are payment processing fees, foreign transaction fees, merchant service fees, handling fees, card payment fees, online shopping fees, cash withdrawal fees, store fees, shipping fees, postage fees and delivery fees. The list is absolutely endless.

This week last year my bank wrote to tell me that as of the following month I’d have to pay a $199 Annual Fee for my credit card.

I don’t use my credit card. It’s for emergencies. I got the card after my Dad had a heart attack. I’d had to book a flight to the UK late at night. The travel agent couldn’t accept cash. It was a bit of a fiasco. I figured a credit card could make life easier. It’s locked away in a filing cabinet ‘just in case’.

I don’t like paying fees. $199 is a LOT of money.

I had to fill in forms, answer questions and spend a fair amount of time trying to get rid of something I didn’t actually use.

Perhaps that’s why previously I paid some fees?

Now every February, ‘Fee Free February’ I audit and review my fees. I make sure that I’m not overspending and unnecessarily spending my money on pointless and expensive fees.

Are you paying fees?

Does your credit card have an annual fee?

How much are you spending each week or month on fees?

This month it’s the Underspent Fee Free February challenge. I’m freeing myself of fees. Will you?

Thanks for reading.

Until next week…