BLOG – Happiness, Expectations, Reality and Awareness. Change your financial life in 30 minutes (2 minute read)

Last week I launched my new free 30 minute Underspent program.

It failed.

People thought it was an email marketing sales-funnel tactic. It wasn’t. So, I’m sharing the content in the blog this week.

I don’t have a sales funnel so please email me if you’d like the full program. It’s a 21 page PDF workbook.

Part 1 – Happiness and Expectations a 5 minute Challenge.

  • What’s your Happiness = Reality / Expectations?
  • James Altcher says this equation “Happiness = Reality / Expectations” changed his life.
  • We can’t always change reality but we can change our happiness and our expectations.
  • What is happiness for you?
  • What’s your reality?
  • What are your expectations?

Part 2 – Reality Check – The 15 minute Shopping and Spending Review.

  • Look back through your bank statements and credit card bills for the last month.
  • What was your total spending including mortgage/rent, bills, travel, insurance, food, entertainment, school fees, gifts, coffee’s, car parking etc,
  • How much did you spend each day?
  • How much did you spend each week?
  • How much did you spend in the month?
  • Did you spend more or less than you thought?
  • What’s your average/typical weekly/monthly spending?

Part 3 – Awareness – The 5 minute Debt Review.

  • Right now, without going through your paperwork, do you know exactly how much money you owe?
  • Have you ever calculated exactly how much money you owe?
  • Calculate the total amount of money you owe if you add up all your debts including mortgage, credit cards, store cards, car loans, personal loans, student debts and money owing to family and friends.
  • How do you feel about the amount of money you owe?

Part 4 – 5 minutes of Thoughts and Reflections…

  • Looking back on the last 25 minutes what’s working for you?
  • What’s not working for you? Why?
  • Where are you stuck?
  • If you could ask for help, what would you ask for help with? Let me know.

TALKS – I’m available to speak at women’s centres, community groups, workplaces and charities (I speak pro bono on weekday evenings and weekends). I’m based in Brisbane but can speak anywhere via skype/zoom/ GoWebinar. Email me.

BUY the Underspent book. Available in e-book, iBook & kindle formats ($2.99) or paperback ($12.95) here

Email me for the free 21 page PDF workbook.

Until next week…