BLOG – I don’t chase (or buy) happiness. Chasing happiness creates unhappiness (2 minute read)

We’ve been told, and led to believe, that if we buy the new sofa, the bigger TV and the fancier car we’ll be happy.

We won’t. 

Consumerism doesn’t work that way. 

I used to think I’d be happy if I had the latest clothes and the trendiest cushions. New clothes and cool cushions didn’t make me happy.

I asked thousands of men and women why they impulse shop and ‘buy just for the sake of buying’. The number one reason for shopping and spending is not being satisfied with what we already have and own. We want more. We feel deprived. So we go and buy more. We’re constantly buying more, yet we’re never satisfied or happy or content. So we buy more…

In 2014 I broke the cycle. I didn’t buy anything new or second-hand for one year. 

  • I bought food and absolutely essential toiletries (e.g. loo roll and tampax)
  • I spent money on  ‘experiences’. Going to the movies, horse riding, holidays and dinners out. That’s not ‘stuff’
  • I did NOT buy any new or second-hand clothes, shoes, books, itunes, computer things, newspapers, magazines, toiletries, perfumes, bubble baths, home wares, kitchen wares, household items or any general ‘stuff’. Not one single thing. I quit shopping for 365 days. 

2014 was one of the best years of my life. I changed my spending and transformed my savings. I saved 38% of my salary and I didn’t dramatically change my life to do it. And best of all I felt happier and more content. 

“You can chase happiness or you can choose happiness… it all depends on how much time you want to save!” – Robert Holden

What makes you happy? 

Thanks for reading.

Until next time…