BLOG – Last week my Underspent passions and priorities were challenged (1 minute read)

Last week my Underspent passions and passions were challenged. I had to make some choices and I had to make them fast.

I was offered a permanent job. It involved a significant change in income, a major relocation and an awful lot of driving.

A colleague made a statement about how she thought and perceived I wanted to live my life. I baulked. Her assumptions were completely wrong. My values were confronted head on, but my reactions enabled me to make the right decision in an instant.

Underspent isn’t about going without, doom and gloom, sacrifice, punishment, frugality, hardship. giving away all your belongings, negativity or living a dull and boring life. Quite the opposite.

Underspent is about identifying and focusing on your passions and priorities (Step 1 in the Underspent book!). It’s about spending money on your passions (the things you love and enjoy the most) and saving money for your priorities (the things that are most important to you).

I’ll be honest there are some choices, trade-offs and sacrifices to be made. I take my own lunch to work. Yes, I could spend $20 a day ($400 a month) buying take-away coffees, a food court made sandwich and convenience store snacks. But I’d rather spend $400 on horse riding, pottery, reflexology and breakfast after Saturday morning hiking.

I like saving money because financial security is important to me. I don’t have a permanent job. I work on contracts. I hate debt. Debt really scares me. I like having cash in the bank. It makes me feel safe and secure. Everyone’s circumstances and financial obligations are different. Everyone’s priorities are different. A stash of cash in the bank is a priority for me.

What are your passions?
What are your priorities?
What do you love and enjoy the most?
What’s most important to you?

The Underspent ‘Passions and Priorities Project’ starts in September 2018.

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Until next week…