BLOG – Maxine and Me. Friday afternoons, ‘New Look’ and our weekly Overspending (2 minute read).

It’s easy to ‘buy just for the sake of buying’. I know. I used to do it.

‘Buying just for the sake of buying’ leads to overspending. I know. I used to do it every Friday afternoon! 

Way back when, when I’d just returned from backpacking, I had a job in a factory. I worked next to a girl called Maxine. The factory was boring, mundane and repetitive. On Fridays the factory shut at 2.15pm. To relive the frustration of factory life, Maxine and I went to ‘New Look’ (a UK brand) every Friday afternoon. We didn’t need new clothes. It wasn’t even as though people were going to see our “New Look”…. we wore Lab Coats over our clothes! 

For the six months I worked there, Maxine and me were constantly spending Friday afternoons buying new clothes. 

At the instant of the purchase, we felt happiness, euphoria and joy. Once it was completed, I felt guilt, remorse and sadness. I was meant to be spending my time and money on getting a graduate job and saving for my own home. 

We’re told that buying things will make us happy, but I soon realised I was only buying to soothe the discontent.   

So what’s the solution? What can you do if you’re like Maxine and Me? These are the 3 things that I did to break my ‘Maxine and Me’ habit. 

  1. I wrote it all down – I wrote down, in a notebook, everything that I spent every single day. 
  2. I set myself a savings goal – Do you have life or money goals? How much money do you want in your emergency fund? 

I don’t regret my Friday afternoon shopping sprees with Maxine. I overspent and I bought things I didn’t need. It taught me a lot. But, what I’d go back and tell ‘Maxine and Me’ is “Spend money on your Passions and Priorities. Don’t buy things you don’t want to relive your frustrations with life” 

What do think? Do you agree?

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Thanks for reading. 

Until next week…