BLOG – Sh!t happens. Resilience, bouncing back and quitting comparisons

“Resilience isn’t developed with the absence of challenges”. Those were the words of our Community Recovery on-deployment Psychologist Dr Laurie Lumsden at our debrief in Townsville last Friday night.

  • Sh!t happens. Sh!t happens to everyone. Everyone. All of us.
  • Sometimes life feels like an uphill struggle. One problem after another.

Resilience is our ability to recover, or bounce back, from difficulties and tough times.

The #1 thing in my resilience “kit” is not comparing myself with others.

Social media has created comparisons. We can see that the neighbours have bought a brand new car, that the relatives have bought a bigger house, that our colleagues are on an expensive Easter holiday, that our friends are buying a boat and, worst of all, that people we don’t even know have things that we think we should have. (Let’s not forget that credit cards and debt now allow anyone to buy anything!).

Comparing ourselves with what other people are buying will never get us anywhere.

My Community Recovery experiences have taught me – and continue to remind me – that cash in the bank and #ExperiencesNotThings are important, and a priority, for me.

We are, as Laurie says, a product of our experiences.

What do you think?

Until next time…

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