BLOG – The joy of debt-free

Underspent is all about helping you break the habit of impulse shopping and save your money. If you break the habit of impulse shopping you’ll be debt-free, mortgage-free and stress-free. I don’t want you to be struggling and surviving. I want to help you turn your life around so you’re absolutely thriving. I want you to be debt-free, mortgage-free and stress-free.

Paying off your debts and your mortgage so you’re debt-free and mortgage-free is life changing. You’ll feel happy, stress-free, safe and secure. No more struggling and surviving instead, absolutely thriving.

If you have debts and a mortgage – you – like millions of other people are probably living pay-cheque to pay-cheque. If you have lots of debts your life can change from ‘doing ok’ to a ‘disastrous nightmare’ in a heartbeat – that means even more struggling and surviving for you and your family. Who wants to live their life struggling to make ends meet? If you’re debt-free and mortgage-free you’re financially prepared and financially secure. Life is stress-free when you’re debt-free.

Here are 3 solutions to get you started on your Underspent journey.

1. Tracking your shopping and spending to identify how much money you spend on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
2. Quit ‘status shopping’, buying to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ and buying because you’re never satisfied with the things that you already own.
3. Don’t compare yourself with others. FOWOT or ‘Fear Of What Others Think’ is a major reason for impulse shopping and overspending.

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