BLOG – Underspent Book Club Guide (1 minute read)

I’m on a mission to inspire and help men and women to break the habit of impulse shopping in 7 steps.

I didn’t buy anything new or 2nd hand in 2014 and saved $52,680 (38% of my salary). I changed my spending and transformed my savings. It started as a lifestyle experiment, but it changed my life, so I kept on going.

In 2014 I focussed on me – my passions and my priorities – not on what I owned or wanted to own. For me, the ultimate result was spending less than is required/expected, breaking my habit of buying, saving 38% of my salary and feeling happier and more content.

I love hearing my family, friends, co-workers, colleagues, social media friends and strangers talking about changing their spending, not buying just for the sake of buying, quitting lunchtime Impulse shopping, transforming their savings and being Underspent.

I’m really happy to hear that reading groups and book clubs in community centres, family homes and Council libraries around the world are reading Underspent and discussing shopping, spending and saving money.

So to help these groups and clubs I’ve created an Underspent Book Club Reading Guide. Download the one page PDF from my website and share with your fellow club members. Or send it to a few of your mates, or your local library, and start a book club yourself.

I would love you to please share your insights, discussions and feedback with me simply PM me or send me an email.

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Until next week…