BLOG – What ‘Sparks Joy’ when you’re bored and broke?… Everything! (2 minute read).

Everything ‘Sparks Joy’ when you’re bored and broke. 

Last Wednesday it was boiling hot. I was at home, in-between tasks. I felt a bit bored.

Technically I’m not broke. I worked many 70 hour weeks in 2018. I’m having a break. I’m not earning any money (I’m working on a new book & product). I’ve given myself some cash. It may need to last a while! 

So there I was at Toombul shopping centre, in the air-conditioning and everything I saw “Sparked Joy”. 

I saw some shorts in the sale (70% off), a pair of $79.99 (?!?!) summer PJs, a beautiful pottery jug, a set of cool crisp Egyptian cotton sheets and a white shirt I could wear for work. 

I could easily have spent $300. Maybe more. It’s easy in a modern mall (or online) to over shop and overspend.

I didn’t buy a thing. 

If I’m honest, I don’t want/need any of it. It just looked, well… nice.

I wrote sheets, shirt, shorts, pj’s and jug on my ‘Want List’. I’ll wait 90 days. If I still ‘want’ that stuff then I’ll trade some frequent flyer points for a gift card.  Chances are I won’t. 

Our culture is consumed by consumerism. The shopping centre is a ‘place’ we go for fun, fantasy and fixes. A place to spend time when we’re bored and broke.

We see on TV, social media and in magazines that its easy to throw out the old un-joyful possessions to make way for the new joyful things. Marie Kondo, eloquently tells us it’s ok to trash anything and everything that doesn’t ‘spark joy’.  There are payday loans, credit cards and apps that let us “buy it now and pay for it later”. 

I know that it takes passions, priorities, persistence and patience to move away from our consumer culture. 

It also requires us to be concious and careful about what we buy — and keep – to ensure that our spending leaves us with lasting financial joy.

Let’s face it – and be realistic – I know that that jug, those sheets and the shirt won’t make me happy. I also know that I don’t need things that ‘Spark Joy’ when I’m bored and broke!

What do you think? 

Until next time…