BLOG – What’s on your Passion List? (2 minute read)

I wasn’t a shopaholic and I didn’t have huge credit card debts, but pre-2013 I had a few impulse shopping addictions. Like most people I’d found it very difficult to walk past a bookshop with a ‘Buy three books for the price of two’ offer. If I was at the airport I bought a magazine whether I needed one or not.

The first step that I took in my year of no buying was to identify my passions. I wanted to focus on me, not on what I owned or wanted to own. So I set about making a Passion List.

Our passions are anything that simultaneously challenges, intrigues, enthuses and motivates us. It’s what we love to do. A passion is something we are willing to sacrifice time and money for. It might be blogging, volunteering, competitive sport, fundraising, entrepreneurship or renovating. Passions are critical for our happiness and well-being.

Last year Jane and Claire wrote their Passion Lists:

Underspent Step 1 has literally changed my life. I have realised that my passions are mainly free activities or tangible experiences that I can achieve. I always thought that my passions were things that I probably would never achieve. But I can. I now have a Passion List and I am working towards doing all the things on my list”  Jane, Brisbane

“Step 1 was really useful. To see my passions on paper was really useful. My passions weren’t what I thought. I want to see how I can more align my life with my passions, personally and professionally” Claire, Brisbane

What’s on your Passion List?  Discover what’s on your Passion List by answering the 9 questions below or download the PDF Passions Workbook from my website Instant access. No email address required.

What do you love doing?
What brings you happiness?
What makes you smile?
What could you do all day?
What are your favourite weekend activities?
What don’t you enjoy?
What things do you spend your time and money doing?
What things do you dream about doing?
What things do you hate doing?

Underspent Step 1 is about identifying and focusing on your passions. It’s about spending money on your passions (the things you love and enjoy the most) instead of impulse shopping and buying just for the sake of buying.

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Until next week…