BLOG – What’s possible for YOU in 2019? (2 minute read)

Last week, at a 2 day Abundance Retreat on the Gold Coast, I set my goals for next year and planned my holidays for 2019.

What’s your plan for 2019?

A beach holiday? A home renovation? A trip overseas? Working less? Buying a boat? Joining a gym? Saving a % of your pay?

In 2014 I set out to not buy anything new or 2nd hand for a year. I succeeded. I achieved my goal and saved $52,680 (38% of my salary). I broke my habit of impulse shopping and ‘buying just for the sake of buying’ – I changed my spending and transformed my savings.

It started as a spontaneous New Years Resolution back in 2013. I didn’t have a plan. I just did it. I failed. So, in 2014 I tried again. It changed my life and it was one of the best years of my life.

  • I bought food and essential toiletries. I also bought ‘experiences’ going to the movies, horse riding and dinners out.
  • I did not buy any new or second hand clothes, shoes, bags, books, music, iTunes, newspapers, magazines, non-essential toiletries, perfumes, homewares, kitchen wares, household items, garden things or any ‘stuff’.

For me, the benefits of being Underspent are: spending less than is expected or required, money in the bank, breaking my Impulse Shopping habits and being happier and more content.

What’s possible in 2019?

The Underspent Challenge for November is to make a list of 3 things that are possible for you in 2019. Perhaps it’s saving for a holiday? Maybe it’s setting up a savings account? Maybe it’s making a Wanting/Waiting List instead of Impulse Shopping?

You decide

Until next time…