BLOG – When it’s time to quit (2 minute read)

A big mistake that I used to make was not being satisfied with what I already had and owned. I thought I needed more clothes and more cushions.

I wasn’t content and happy with what I already had. I thought I’d be happy if I had the latest clothes and the trendiest cushions.

I wasn’t alone.

I asked thousands of men and women why they impulse shop and ‘buy just for the sake of buying’. The number one reason for shopping and spending is not being satisfied with what we already have and own. We want more. We feel deprived. So we go and buy more. We’re constantly buying more, yet we’re never satisfied.

In 2014 I broke the cycle.

I didn’t buy anything new or second-hand for one year. I quit shopping for 365 days. I broke my habit of impulse shopping. I broke my habit of buying just for the sake of buying. And, I broke my habit of buying ‘stuff’ – things I didn’t really want and certainly didn’t need.

2014 was one of the best years of my life. I changed my spending and transformed my savings. I saved 38% of my salary and I didn’t dramatically change my life to do it.

For me, being Underspent isn’t about going without, doom and gloom, punishment, hardship, negativity or living a boring life. Quite the opposite!

In the Underspent book I explain that the 1st step I took was to identify my passions and priorities. I spend money on my passions (the things I love and enjoy the most) and save money for my priorities (the things that are most important to me).

“It’s not about the budget. Thank you for the journey. I have realised the things I value and want in my life are virtually free. I am NOW content. I have learnt it’s about breaking the commercial and stress cycle. Thanks heaps!” Jane, Australia

A great little exercise I did was to review my spending. I looked back through 2 months of bank statements and credit card bills. I reviewed how much money I spent. I calculated how much money I’d spent on my passions. I asked the question “Am I happy and content with the things I’ve spent my money on?”

Will you give it a go?

Thanks for reading.

Until next time…