BLOG – Why don’t we talk about our finances?

Last week I got talking to a lady on the train. It was a long 2 hour trip from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. It started as a casual conversation about the weather and ended with her breaking down and sharing her life story. At the end of the journey, just before we parted company, she said it was great to talk to someone and a ‘blessed relief’ to honestly and openly share her financial dramas.

My train companion said she was too embarrassed to talk to her friends. She said her family weren’t interested in her dilemma’s. Her life-long friends had deserted her in her hour of need. She said she felt isolated and alone.

All of this got me thinking about women sharing stories and need for more talking.

Aboriginal Elders – past, present and emerging – are strong facilitators and advocates of talking and sharing stories.

Yarning Circles provide Aboriginal women with the opportunity to come together and discuss challenges in their lives both past and present. As a group they discuss ways to improve their social, emotional and psychological well being. The Yarning Circle is a place where stories and knowledge can be shared in a caring environment that is safe, relaxed and comfortable.

We don’t talk much anymore.

We definitely don’t talk about money – it’s a taboo subject.

We ‘bottle-up’ our feelings. We hide our emotions. We put on a brave face. We pretend everything is ok.

What about if we had safe and comfortable places to come together and talk about spending and money? What about if there was a place that was relaxed where you could discuss and share financial and saving money challenges? Would you go to a place where women could come together and support each other financially?

What do you think?
Would you give it a go?

Until next time…

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