Bluewater – My shopping reflection.

Yesterday afternoon me and Mum went to Bluewater – one of the UKs largest shopping centres. We did a lap of each floor and spent a grand total of 20 quid. I bought a bobble hat for hiking. 

I realised as we wandered around the Bluewater shops that I’d spent the time from when I got my 1st job aged 13 to 2013 (quite a long time!) stuck in the consumerism cycle of wanting more, buying more, and then needing more money.

My year of not buying anything new or 2nd hand (2014) made me realise when you want for less, you shop less, you buy less and, ultimately, need a lot less money. 

The ultimate benefit of wanting less, shopping less and buying less is being debt-free, mortgage-free and stress-free. That’s why I’m on a mission in 2019 to help you and others to be Underspent (not overspent), debt-free, stress-free, happier, more content and (a little bit closer to being) mortgage-free.