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Rachel Smith is a Transport Planner who helps Mayors cut traffic congestion. Rachel gives Mayors, Councils and other City Leaders the skills, information and step-by-step implementation methods they need to cut traffic congestion without the expense of new roads and annoyed residents. The solution is the 7 step process in Rachel’s book Decongestion:

  • Step 1: Let’s ignite the fuse for change  – This step looks at the willingness of Mayors and other City Leaders, and individuals, to tackle problems and the need to ignite the fuse for change. Step 1 inspires leaders and individuals to have a “can do” attitude and to create projects to solve the problems where they live.
  • Step 2: Let’s communicate with positive messaging – Step 2 encourages Mayors and other City Leaders to communicate tackling difficult issues like congestion and obesity in a fun, positive and encouraging way.
  • Step 3: Let’s experiment with temporary urbanism – This step encourages us to create opportunities to experiment, test and try new and different solutions in our cities. It invites people to rethink the way we use our streets and public places, and invites the use of temporary projects as a platform to change our cities.
  • Step 4: Let’s discover what’s on our own doorstep – Step 4 is about discovering what’s on our own doorsteps, so that we don’t have to get in our cars because traffic congestion is often as bad, if not worse, on Saturdays and Sundays than it is on weekdays.
  • Step 5: Let’s connect to enable sharing – Sharing cars, bicycles and car parking spaces can reduce the number of single-occupancy car trips and the number of cars on our roads. Step 5 provides practical solutions to enable everyone to share resources.
  • Step 6: Let’s get comfortable with the uncomfortable – One in 10 car trips in Queensland is less than 1 kilometre in length, so step 6 suggests communication, collaboration and innovation in order to reduce – or even eliminate – the number of really short trips.
  • Step 7: Let’s create an infrastructure revolution – The Los Angeles Department for Transport said, “for the bicycle to catch on we need a revolution in our infrastructure”. Step 7 showcases examples and tools to create an infrastructure revolution.

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Rachel with Queensland Deputy Premier and Transport Minister Hon Jackie Trad MP


Rachel with Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk

Rachel with Andrew Griffiths Australia’s #1 small business Author and publishing mentor