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Underspent: how I broke my shoppingaddiction & buying habit without dramaticallychanging my life. This book is for men and women who want to quit shopping and save money. For most of us, our shopping and buying are triggered by boredom, depression, loneliness, low self-esteem, insecurity, peer pressure, past poverty and passive aggression. Rachel asked men and women in Australia, the UK and theUSA what they thought would be the biggest challengesor personal battles they would face if they had toquit shopping for three months. This is what they said.

  1. Making do with what we already own
  2. Boredom
  3. feeling unprepared
  4. Willpower
  5. Not buying gifts
  6. Fear of missing out
  7. Failing to meet their children’s needs

In this ground breaking, and entertaining book, Rachel explains the seven-step process that worked for her .The seven steps Rachel took to break her impulse shopping addiction and habit of buying ‘stuff’ were

  • Step 1: I identified my passions and priorities
  • Step 2: I made a budget and sorted out my banking
  • Step 3: I got people in place to help
  • Step 4: I inspected, assessed and organised my stuff
  • Step 5: I got into swapping, sharing and selling
  • Step 6: I used everything that I already had
  • Step 7: I got out and had fun

Packed with information, practical exercises and stories Rachel shows you how to apply the 7 steps. This is a book that you can use, not just read and agree with. For Rachel, the ultimate result of implementing the seven steps were:

  • being Underspent—spending less than usual (she was spending less money than was required and expected)
  • breaking her impulse shopping addiction and habit of buying ‘stuff’
  • saving 38 per cent of her net (take-home) annual salary
  • being happier and more content.

“You are an inspiration Rachel’ (Kochie, live on Sunrise – David Koch, Channel 7 Sunrise TV breakfast show)

Underspent book reviews & feedback  

Hi Rachel, I’ve just finished reading your book Underspent and I want to thank you for writing it. At times I thought you were writing it about me and the struggle I’ve had with my own shopping addiction. So much of it resonated strongly with me, discussing the psychology of why I’ve been over shopping and helping me understand what I can do to control the impulse when before I would just go on auto pilot in the hopes of filling some void in my life. All the futile attempts at stopping and falling back into my old habits. The guilt of knowing how much money I’ve wasted over the years which only seemed to compound it. I know it will be hard to break the cycle, but your book has given me hope and inspiration and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and especially the bottom of my purse!! Wishing you every success and happiness, Susie (Australia)

Hi Rachel – read your book on the weekend. Bit of an eye opener. Started a household audit of stuff, starting with the bathroom. Don’t need to buy soap for about 5 years! The pantry is next. Oh And I am slowly starting to work out what I value and enjoy doing which has not been a conscious thought- process before. Thanks. Heather (Australia)

Hi Rachel, I loved the Underspent book and really feel it will help me curb my spending on ‘stuff’. Thanks, Kirsty

I’m ECSTATIC! I don’t know who Rod is, but I’m so grateful for his awesome review of my book Underspent  –  “This is an amazing insight into our obsession with shopping…Rachel explains, in a very personal account, how we can get through our lives with less, but live more. I really love it. Definitely need to read it again. Thanks Rachel”

Thank you Rachel. I have a wife, 2 kids and I am the sole income earner. We have tried to prepare by only spending on what we need and eliminating our debts. Anyone with any sense can see constant growth is unsustainable and our housing is not worth the price tag. PD

Hi Rachel, I watched you this morning on a morning show and was so inspired I downloaded your book straight away. I put my daughter to sleep this evening and sat down and ready your book cover to cover!. Thanks. Jen

Hi Rachel, Thank you for the free gifts and book – it is awesome!!  I am a credit card tragic so at almost 49 it is time to change this!!, Thank you. Nicola, Noosa, Queensland.

Hello Rachel, I have just read your book, going to start under spending and working out where my passions lie, Thank you, Lucy

Hi Rachel, just read your book, very good! I am inspired. But I am a hard case! Mary, Brisbane

Hi Rachel. I’ve just finished reading your book Underspent. It’s great. Well done. I feel inspired. Ruth, London

Thanks Rachel. I got the iBook. It is very timely to have the opportunity to get advice like this. I’m a reformed minimalist but struggling with consumerism. Your book nicely explains how I can manage my budget while enjoying the simple things in life. Kudos to you. Thank you, Trevor

Hi Rachel. I read your book last night and it was fabulous. I laughed in disbelief that Americans spend $350 on Halloween costumes! Very informative and love your writing style. I could hear you talking as I was reading. Can you please send me a link and I will post on my social media. Cheers Audrey, Brisbane

“Hi Rachel, Your buying no stuff for a year has really inspired me. I have now lasted nearly a month and not bought any stuff at all, apart from food and some shampoo. I am going to see how long I can go. So far it’s been surprisingly easy. Kind regards. Bev”

“Hi Rachel. I bought and read your book yesterday. Last night i arranged for my 3 closest girlfriends to come around for a clothes and shoes swapping party although I won’t be strict on the one item one token rule for the public events! Im going to email my body corporate tonight to see if they will agree to a book case in the entry for shared books and magazines. Are either of your Ted talks about underspent or more about decongestion? Congratulations on underspent it’s really well written and very inspiring. Best wishes, Louise”

“Hi Rachel, I just finished your book. It was very inspirational. I have started my journey in not buying new or used. My family have laughed at me, my son gives me 3 months and he’s the kindest one out of everyone. I would like you to send me your underspent checklist to help me achieve my goal, cheers Sharon from Toowoomba”

“I just finished reading your book”Underspent”.Thank you for writing it.I have found it very helpful.I have been praying to God to help me with my shopping addiction and you are the answer to my prayer. I have started to use the steps you mentioned in your book with good success.I earn an above average income but  I spend a lot on shopping. It has been 10 days since I’ve started reading your book and I have become more organised and mindful with a lot of things that I do. I am forever grateful to you” Loida

“Hi, lovely Rachel. I’m loving reading Underspent, by the way, it has given me massive food for thought at just the right time. With all the moving we’ve done in the past few years I’m confronted with all this junk we cart around from one place to the next & I’m just so sick of “stuff”. You’ve got me thinking of ways to improve my spending & culling, so thank-you! Have a lovely rest of your weekend!” Paula

“Loved your book, Thanks” Julie

“Hi Rachel. I have just finished reading your book “Underspent”, and found it quite inspiring. My wife is a legend at saving money, I’m not so good! I have now identified some bad habits and behaviors, and some methods to change them. I’m, keen to get started. Thank you!” John

Hi Rachel, I have just finished reading your book and loved it. I’m always trying to find ways to declutter and keep stuff to a minimum. Regards Lyndsay

Hello Rachel. I just read your wonderful book and I’m about follow its steps. It is quite daunting but exciting at the same time. You’re an inspiration, thank you so much for writing this book! I’ll be referring my friends and colleagues to it. Many thanks again. Kate

Hi Rachel. I loved the book at really feel it will help me curb my spending on ‘stuff’. Kirsty

Hi Rachel. I read your book Underspent for the past two nights and I’m sitting here processing it. A lot of your message resonates with me. I am hoping I can persuade my husband to read it. I too am one of those individuals that are feeling slightly ashamed about their spending habits. The fact that I feel this guilt is I think a good one, as I think it will lead to some (positive) changes. Thank you very much, Pam

Hi Rachel. You and you book have saved my life and my marriage. Thank you. We were in such a mess. I love your 7 steps and the 30 days of tips is brilliant. Thank you. Gemma

Rachel I saw you on TV and bought your book straight away. I read it cover to cover in one night. I just could not put it down. I am now starting my journey of  doing the steps and changing my spending. I am such as shopper and we never ever have any money. I’m so glad I saw you on TV. thanks. Anne

Rachel you are an inspiration. Your book is brilliant and you are so kind and generous sharing all your top tips on Facebook. Please keep doing this. You are amazing. Love Louise.