Redundancy isn’t failure. Callum – He’s an inspiration to us all

This is Callum from the Gold Coast. He was made redundant from his road construction job last year and since then has applied for 4,500 jobs with not a single reply. His story brought tears to my eyes – I remember when I first graduated there were no jobs and armed with a Geography degree I was educated but unskilled. I applied for more than 350 jobs. I thought I was a failure so I buried my head in the sand working 4 jobs to pay my London bedsit rent; office admin temping, night time office cleaning, working in a call centre in the early evenings and doing weekend bar tendering and silver service waitressing. Good on Callum for thinking outside of the box, pitching to get on National breakfast TV and raising some of the issues associated with long term employment. He’s not a failure – He’s an blooming inspiration to us all. He’s reminded us that it’s ok to be honest about the really difficult issues we face in our daily lives, that we all need to get outside of our cosy comfort zone once in a while (pitching big and being on Live TV talking about our personal circumstances takes courage) and that we should all think creatively. Go Callum. I wish you all the very best mate, you deserve it .