Can play and humour innovate our cities?

It’s Day 7 at the Lab (Saturday 23 June). Today we are experimenting with fun and humour. We’re asking if games can help us innovate cities in the future and if play can help us to overcome urban challenges.

This afternoon we’re being disobedient with technologies.  Tonight toy designer, writer, artist and inventor Barry Kudrwowitz is going to share his thoughts on the connections between creativity, humour and play… and how we can use toys to improve our work activities. Stay tuned… I’ll be live blogging and tweeting!

Today’s ‘FAB IN THE LAB’ is Van Bo Le-Mentzel for making a xylophone out of plastic roof guttering!

On the topic of play and humour…. We are hosting LABPLATZ next Thursday (28th June) in the streets around the Lab.  We are challenging Berlin to transform 100 car parking spaces into spaces for people. Its going to be a huge day. We will be live tweeting and blogging from parking spaces.

Whoophs… yes I forgot to do “Fab In the Lab” yesterday, but as Germany beat Greece in Euro 2012 I’ll say the German Football team are fab!