Can surfers transform our cities? What’s your inflatable?

This evening Chris Hines MBE, co-founder of Surfers Against Sewage, Britain’s coolest pressure group spoke to us about being a Transformation Champion’ as part of the Lab turning it’s gaze to the community catalysts and local heroes who make city transformation possible.

Chris has been one of my heroes for a very long time. It was great to sit in the sun with Chris and catch up over a beer!

“FAB IN THE LAB” today is Chris Hines for being truly and absolutely inspirational. Here’s are my Live Tweets from his talk

  • Chris Hines @ChrisHinesAGOS is at the BMW Guggenheim Lab
  • Whatever you do in life treat it like paddling into a wave. Commit to it!
  • Chris Hines says children most at risk from water pollution
  • Why do we pooh on the things that are most special to us? Our coastlines, our oceans and our reefs
  • It’s easy to whinge about the problem. We need more help to know how to be part of the solution
  • Chris Hines says you need to find your solution. What’s the outcome you are aiming for?
  • For success you need to be a strong advocate for the good as well as for what’s wrong
  • Want to campaign? Chris says “What’s your inflatable? What does your t.shirt say?”
  • If the media like you, they will drive your campaign and raise public awareness for you
  • Chris says the general public have the right to stand up for the world
  • You can buy shares in companies, go to their AGM and fight for the change you want!
  • Surfers Against Sewage the coolest pressure group in Britain. A bunch of Cornish surfers who changed Government legislation
  • If we all consumed like American people we’d need 5 planets, but we only have one
  • Research: once you’ve put a roof over your head money can’t make you happy it flat lines
  • You need to understand your waste. Go up the supply chain and find waste solutions
  • Sustainability needs to be mainstream. Use celebrities to normalise your message
  • Choice editing: Shift from ‘value for money’ to ‘values for money’
  • The sea goes in and out twice a day – Why don’t our cities run on wave energy?
  • We can’t solve the world but we can all make a difference. Don’t take no for an answer
  • Chris concludes. Be passionate and optimistic. Don’t be “Pale and stale” people