City Transformation Marathon – My day in Tweets!

Today the Lab looked like a UN summit…. Simultaneous translation, translation headsets, bi-lingual presentations, laptops, i-phones, tweeting, facebook’ing, bloggers, journalists, video film crews, photographers, workshops, discussions, brainstorming, conversations, networking and many new friendships made.

Add to the mix an outdoor blackboard for brainstorming, Giant Board Games and lots of sunshine…

What an absolutely amazing and fantastic day. Thank you to everyone involved.

Here’s my day in Tweets  (… I think I probably became a Twitter spammer!)

“FAB IN THE LAB” today is Kirsten Storz my Programs Manager. Kirsten made a outdoor Dynamics Connections brainstorming blackboard. It’s amazing!

  • Joe Hatchiban, bicycle couriers, talking to strangers, fun in public spaces. Read more
  • Joe Hatchiban special moments, clear communication & intimacy change urban spaces
  • Joe says people, bicycles and stopping to sing = great cities
  • Community and transformation projects need to succeed on their own terms
  • Gap Filler – projects on vacant sites. 80% of buildings demolished in 2011 Earthquake at
  • Experiment: non-professionals participating whilst waiting for rebuild
  • Success = innovation. Not just rolling out similar projects
  • Transforming cities… accept suggestions from strangers and ‘normal’ people
  • Gap Filler in Christchurch are awesome.. They make ideas real. Amazing!
  • Small-scale project are an opportunity to experiment
  • Small-scale urban and vacant space projects are an opportunity to experiment
  • How do we inspire people to go and do their own projects? Send your ideas
  • You don’t need permission to put a stamp on your city. Share your ideas
  • Makerplatz: people are making, creating , doing, sharing, enabling and encouraging
  • Makerplatz: creating an opportunity for people to experiment.
  • Open Design City co-founder Jay Cousins says we need hubs to share skills/ideas
  • Maker Festival Berlin emerged in 3 weeks. Jay says ‘just do it’
  • MakerFestival built by the people. Guerilla action. Give inspiration. Tell stories by actions.
  • Bubble party not a boardroom meeting to identify community needs. Awesome!
  • Show people what already exists and then empower people to get involved
  • Just need a person to light a fuse. People will then follow and get involved
  • Joe Peach, 60,000 followers at Started in student bedroom. AWESOME!
  •  ‘Fix my street’. People solve themselves. Do we need councils?
  • Joe says collaborative map making = shape how people engage their city
  • Free wifi in cities for residents = reduce barriers to involvement
  • Is digital community engagement the new public meeting?
  • People don’t get angry about cities. Should we crowd-source want we want?
  • Kansas City launched their own bike hire. People built the bikes!
  • Jose asks me “Should bikeways have bar codes to tell cycling stories?”
  • Upstall Kreuzberg say “don’t forecast the future just facilitate it”
  • We all agree “Seek forgiveness, don’t ask for permission”
  • Mark Gander asks “How will cities adapt to the risk of intense rainfall?”
  • PlaNYC Climate Action Plan. Reclaiming streets for people and bicycles
  • Matthew Griffin says planning needs to be a ‘Citizens initiative’ not lip-service
  • In the future should people decide on planning permission criteria?
  • Should we bundle services and activities at airports in cities of the future?
  • 50% of airport profits are from non-aviation activities
  • Johanna Schlaack says airports leave the city but the city follows the airport
  • In the future: Can we use developer profits to pay for social housing?
  • Christine McLaren tells us people say… “Be bold or move to suburbia”
  • Architecture needs to give people dignity. No more crap social housing
  • Amy Saunders: Giant Board Games in urban places enable people of different ages to interact together
  • Board Games are a tool for people to make friends in cities