Cycling: What would you say in 6 minutes 40 seconds?

This week I’m encouraging everyone to ‘make’ our city with people (Dynamic Connections). I’m inviting, encouraging and enthusing people to “dynamically connect” people and places through dynamic transportation and community connections.

Day 1 is all about Cycling. Tomorrow night (Mittwoch 27 Juni) I am hosting a Bicycle ‘Powered by Pecha Kucha’. I’ve invited people in Berlin to spend the evening showcasing their local Berlin bicycle projects

  • Jörg Leben is talking about Dream Cycling Infrastructure for everyone
  • Arvid Krenz is going to discuss his research about accident (crash) black spots in Berlin
  • John Beeson will tell us what cities might look like if 50% of all streets were converted into bikeways
  • Frank Muller will discuss substituting your car for an electric cargo bike
  • and Philip Poll from ADFC will talk about Ride on Red
  • Amy Saunders will be telling us all about the Lazy Sunday Cycle which is happening in Berlin on Sunday 1 July

… but they only have 6 minutes and 40 seconds each!

TOMORROW – We meet Copenhagenize and turn Cycle Chic!