Lab Day 3: Making Things Digital & Launch of MUB (Mobile University Berlin)

I’ve met lots of Makers and Hackers in Berlin, in Brisbane and in London over the last few months. What I’ve learnt is that you can’t predict what’s being ‘made’ or ‘hacked’ by people of ages, cultures and demographics in our neighbourhoods and across our cities. You also can’t predict what things people are going to pull out of their backyards, their basements, their garden sheds and their garages. Today “making’ continues at the Lab.

Today at the Lab it’s all about “Making Things Digital’. Today, with Lab Team Member Jose Gomez-Marquez, we are looking at the practical and conceptual implications of widespread digitization and how intelligent devices can be made and co-opted for everyday use. It’s amazing. We have an Engineering Genius Bar,  we are ‘Making Things Sense’ with Arduinos and we have a Lending Library… so if you have an idea for an intervention and want to turn it into a reality you can come into the Lab and use our tools and devices… really cool stuff like 3D printers!

This morning the Mobile University of Berlin (MUB) was launched at the BMW Guggenheim Lab #BMWGuggLab. Led by members of Urbanophil and mikromakro, the Mobile University of Berlin provokes anyone and everyone who lives and works in Berlin to mine their urban environment through conversations, acting, mapping and multimedia. Today they are out of the streets of Berlin asking people about the future of urban places. They are asking “Who are the experts in discussions about the future of cities?”. They are also asking “Do we need a ‘Department of Listening’ to help shape our cities in the future?”.

My public programs start on Wednesday 27th June. My first theme is Cycling. Sidsel Birk Hjuler from Copenhagenize is going to talk to us about ‘The World’s most Bike-friendly Cities’ from 3pm -4pm in the Lab.

Stay tuned!