Day 6 Top Tip – Sell your junk

Day 6 Top Tip – Sell your junk. It’s a great tip for a Saturday. A recent survey by Gumtree revealed that the average Aussie household is sitting on $5,000 worth of unwanted stuff. The most common unused items are clothes, shoes, books, music, CDs, DVDs, games and toys. We all buy stuff we don’t really want or need…. THEN, we have to rent a storage unit or build an extension, or convert the attic or move to a bigger house to store all our stuff we don’t want, use or need! What worked for me was to clear out one cupboard or one room – one at a time – and to sell the items on Gumtree. You’ll be amazed at how it makes your cash savings grow 🙂 #Underspent #30daysofMoneySavingTips

VIDEO TUTORIAL Day 6 Top Tip – Sell your junk! Do you have $5,200 worth of unwanted, unused and unneeded stuff at your place? The average Aussie household does! #Underspent #30daysofMoneySavingTips