Health Scare

HEALTH SCARE – I had a small cut on my leg. It wouldn’t heal. I tried creams, lotions and potions but it never healed. It didn’t hurt. It wasn’t sore. It didn’t bleed. I sort of thought, and naively assumed, it would be ok.

My mum saw it and she was concerned. She insisted I see the doctor. Mum was right – she’s always right! The doctor cut it out. The doctor was concerned.

While I waited for the results I was worried. Anxiety crept in. Did I have enough, and the right, private health insurance? Would the emergency savings cover all the out-of-pocket expenses and treatment costs? What would it be like to be unable to work, to earn money, for months or even years? Would the financial back-up plan be enough? How many months would the cash in the bank really last?

I was lucky. Really lucky. The ‘cut’ was what doctors and pathologists call pre-cancerous. The wound – and the cells beneath that the doctor had removed – was abnormal but not yet cancerous. My doctor – and my mum – had ‘caught it’ well ahead of time. Nothing to worry about. A clean and clear bill of health. A huge sigh of relief.

But, it’s made me stop and think…. We live in a world that revolves around being SOOOO BUSY – fast, frenetic, work, deadlines, reporting, demands, profits, working late, working weekends, wanting more, buying more, owning more, comparing, envying, gossiping, complaining, overthinking, over-analysing, shopping, buying, capitalism, consumerism, materialism, selfies, liking, gloating, gratification, renovations, fast food, fast fashion, impulse purchases, downsizing, decluttering, debts, loans, stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, exhaustion, bigger, better, faster – that we rarely, if ever, have time to really, and thoroughly, check our own health or to go to the doctors. We’re busy. We leave it. We put it off. We ignore it. We’ll do it after we’ve done x, y and z.

I’ve been stupid. Really stupid. I thought the ‘cut’ was small. I thought it would be ok. I thought it was nothing to worry about. I thought it would eventually go away.

Imagine if it had NOT been ok…

I’m lucky. Really lucky.

This time it’s all ok.

It’s made me stop and think.

I won’t let anything like that happen again. I’ll never be too busy to get a doctor to throughly inspect a cut on my leg.

What do you think?

Do you check your health?

If you’re in Australia please do watch Rodney Bukuya and his wife Ana share Rodney’s bowel cancer journey on SBS TV “Insights” (available on catch-up tv). Rodney shares a very powerful and incredibly moving message about the excuses we make for not looking after our health and not getting tests done.

Lots to stop and think about. Do you agree?

Thanks for reading

Until next time…