I really only did ONE thing…

I really only did ONE thing… I broke my habit of impulse shopping, buying ‘stuff’ and ‘buying just for the sake of buying’.

In 2014 I changed my spending and transformed my savings. I did it in 7 simple straightforward steps. It was the culmination of a spontaneous New Years Resolution and a lifestyle experiment, but it changed my life forever. As a result I’m happier, more content with financial freedom and financial security.

I want everyone to have access to what I learnt and what I discovered (the hard way through failures, trial and error) over the course of 2 years or 730 days.

Here’s what I learnt. Here’s the Underspent ‘HOW’… You work out what you love and what’s important to you, you set yourself up with a jam jar, envelope or multiple bank account system, you get a partner, friend or family member to help you stay accountable to yourself, you sort out your things (your wardrobe, bathroom cupboard, pantry etc), you sell things you no longer love, use or need, you swap or share/borrow things you might need, you use or use up everything you’ve already got (e.g. food, toiletries, and stockpiled loo rolls!) and finally you go out and have a lot of fun!

In my book Underspent I’ve explained absolutely everything that I did (you don’t have to buy the book, but it’s cool if you do, especially as the e-book is only $3 and I donate a % to charity, but you can just use the notes above). I explain the 7 steps and the series of practical tasks within each of the 7 steps. I’ve explained what to do first, I’ve explained exactly how to get started and I’ve described exactly what I did, so that you can do exactly the same. I’ve also included lots of useful information, including why we shop, why we love shopping, the shopping mistakes we all make and the psychology of shopping.

The Underspent book is literally changing people’s lives. It cost me about $15,000 to produce and several months to write – that’s how passionate and dedicated I am to sharing how I changed my life to help other people change theirs 😊

Underspent is available in paperback ($12.99), ebook, iBook and kindle formats  ($2.99) from all online retailers (https://amzn.to/2DtE5f1 or

https://bit.ly/2VnPasv), book shops like Folio, QBD and Dymocks OR from local libraries (Free loan). If your local Council library doesn’t have a copy of Underspent yet please ask them to stock at least a couple of copies.

Thank you! Rachel