Impulse shopping – Do you have $5400 worth of unwanted stuff

Impulse shopping – average household has $5400 worth of unwanted ‘stuff’

The average household has $5400 worth of unwanted items they could sell, Gumtree’s annual Second Hand Economy Report found. Gumtree estimates that more than 90 per cent Australians have at least 25 unwanted items, worth about $5400.

Author of Underspent and money saving expert Rachel Smith says “on average that’s $216 per item – $216 on something you didn’t want”

Rachel says we’re addicted to impulse shopping. She suggests we all put a 30 day ‘Waiting List’ on our fridge door. When you see something you think you want, you write down a description of the ‘must have’ item, with the date, price and why you want it. If you still want it when 30 days have passed, you buy it.

Rachel saved $52,680 in 12 months by not buying anything new or 2nd hand. “I’m proof that impulse shopping is a killer’ Rachel says