Is Afterpay really just ‘before broke’?

Is Afterpay really just ‘Before Broke’?
New payment system phenomenon Afterpay allows shoppers to ‘take now without
payment’ and then pay over fortnightly instalments. No forms, credit checks or personal details are required and women everywhere are saying it’s a great way to get new clothes quickly. But this creates a cycle of overspending and will leave millions of us
trapped in debt, at a time when 33% of Australian households are living pay-cheque to pay-cheque and many families don’t even know how much money they owe. Nowadays, there is not a money saving mentality, and instead we have spending plans and waiting lists.
Instead of using Afterpay, we should allocate a % of each pay cheque for spending but wait a week or month rather than ‘impulse buying’. And we definitely shouldn’t be buying things without money at all.