Labplatz: In the future will we picnic on a highway?

Yesterday at the BMW Guggenheim Lab we had Labplatz: a day of transforming car parking spaces into spaces for people which we co-hosted with our local collaborators Innes and Ruben from Stiftung Freizeit.

Last week Jose empowered us to ‘make’ our city with technology and this week I’m encouraging everyone to ‘make’ our city with people

Labplatz was an experiment and fun event to:

  1. Understanding the importance of urban public space
  2. Rethinking the way we use, and want to use our streets
  3. Discuss how we make cities and urban spaces people friendly

At 12 noon the streets around the Lab were car dominated

From 2pm onwards we had ice carving, a cooking school, giant board games, giant Connect Four, pancake making, a smoothie bicycle building workshop, a mini maker fair, a dance floor, a house, a 1m house, a swimming pool, a picnic park and so much more.

By 3pm people were sitting in the road, kids were playing in the road, people were fixing their bikes in the road, people were  having conversations in the road, families were hacking their strollers in the road and people were meeting their neighbours in the road!!

Labplatz. Here’s our story in pictures!  More photos next week