Lazy Sunday Cycle seeks Events Manager, Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, Ride Leader’s

Lazy Sunday Cycle – Exciting Opportunities

Lazy Sunday Cycle is independent. It is a grass-roots community based social-media initiative. Aimed at anyone and everyone who wants to ride a bicycle for fun; enthused and confident cyclists, people who are ‘interested but a little bit concerned’ about cycling, people who just want to get out there and have a go at cycling and people who want to cycle with other people. LSC is targeted at young people, old people, the young at heart, families, children with stabilizers, people with fancy bikes, people with cargo bikes and people with bikes with baskets!

Lazy Sunday Cycle is not affiliated to any organisations and is unfinanced.  Running costs are currently covered by Amy, Rachel and their amazing gang of family and friends

As a result of our phenomenally successful Little Miracles Lazy Sunday Cycle fundraiser for the Mater Hospital we are seeking a Charity Bike Ride Events Manager. This person will be either an events management student looking for some real life work experience, an experienced professional wanting to diversify their skills and experiences or someone really enthusiastic who just wants to roll up their sleeves and make things happen – we don’t mind! We anticipate that this person will organize at least  two charity events in Brisbane each year. This unpaid position has no limitations….  You can make it as big and grand as you want. If this is an opportunity for you please email Amy and Rachel at

As the result of growing very rapidly we are seeking a Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager.  These two people will be either students, professionals or people boundlessly passionate about all things creative. We anticipate these two roles will require about 2 hours of work per week and tasks would include driving a strong social media campaign, developing the website, designing promotional materials, publicising upcoming events and generally creating creative things like LSC App’s and maps! These unpaid positions have no limitations and we will provide references for students needing proven real life work experience. If either of these roles are an opportunity for you please email Amy and Rachel at

In response to requests from our loyal Lazy Sunday Cyclers we are developing a range of short, medium and longer bicycle rides. As a result of our expansion we are seeking Ride Leaders. These people will be happy to be cycling at the front of the pack leading the bicycle rides. No previous experience necessary. We may need you to lead 4 or 5 rides per year. If you are interested in being a volunteer ride leader please email Amy and Rachel at

Lazy Sunday Cycle was co-founded by two Brisbane creative’s Amy Saunders and Rachel Smith.

Amy is a Landscape Architect at Yurrah, Park(ing) Day convenor, Founder of Games Night @ King George Square (and many other similar spectacle events with giant games) and a Tutor at Queensland University of Technology.  

Rachel is a Principal Transport Planner at AECOM, Founder of Cycling Super Highways, a curator of the BMW Guggenheim Lab, on the curatorial panel of art + place and a Bicycle Blogger.

Amy’s passion for cycling began from an 8 week stint in Fort Collins, Colorado where everyone cycles. Fort Collins has a bicycle event called “Tour de Fat”. The event encourages a cycle culture of fun and spectacle. People are encouraged to ride around in zany costumes and weird bikes creations – no one wins the race, but they all have a great time.  Rachel has been working in sustainable transport planning for the last 13 years and researching ‘Why women don’t cycle’. She has identified that Australians want bike paths that are completely separated from parked and moving cars…. and is always on the lookout for someone to fund her first 7m wide Cycling Super Highway!
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