Marc interviews Alex (Brisbane Minimalists) from The Give Initiative

Tonight Marc (Brisbane Minimalists) interviews Alex from The Give Initiative.  

Alex gave away half his pay for half a year (… to people he didn’t even know!). True wealth through giving. Alex says “Change is hard. I challenged myself to grow and to spread the message of giving to help others”. Alex also streamlined all of his spending and gave away all his possessions during the 6 months and says “I’m better off for it”. 

Alex recommends that we all ask ourselves “What’s your highest priority? What do you value the most?  For example valuing people and connections over wealth and material possessions”. 

Alex says some of his big learnings were: 

– Time is more important than money. 

– Making decisions himself and taking control of his own life, rather than asking other people what they think.

– Ideas and initiatives (however crazy they may seem!) can inspire others and have huge impacts on other people’s lives. 

– Realising money is a tool but money shouldn’t control your life.

– Not being afraid to shake the foundations of your life, your home life and your work life. If it’s not for you then take a leap of faith because it could be the most incredible thing you ever do. 

– Don’t be afraid to change the Status Quo. The only time your feel discomfort is when you change but the change will soon feel like a ‘new normal’.

Now it’s a relay. Who wants to be the next person to give away half of their pay for 3 or 6 months during 2019?