My 6 ways to have a savvier Christmas

Want a thrifty Christmas without missing out on the fun? Here’s my 6 ways to a savvy Christmas. 1. Presence is the present – switch off the TV, the phone, the computer and the social media and give the people you love quality time. 2. Re-gift – Years ago it was frowned upon but with the rise of swapping, sharing and restaurant doggie bags anything goes. Find some precious books you’ve read and loved, write a personal message inside and re-gift them to someone who’ll appreciate them just as much as you. 3. Experiences and memories – Give your loved ones experiences to treasure not something manufactured and wrapped in plastic. Membership to the local lawn bowls club, movie tickets and coffee vouchers. 4. Borrow don’t buy – I’m borrowing, not buying. If I need extra plates, cutlery or chairs I’ll borrow them from neighbours. 5. Contentment not comparing – Let’s not compare our Christmas with others instead let’s enjoy the one we have. Be content with what you have – the size of our home, the age of our car and the dynamics of our families.