Not bought or worn 2nd hand clothes?

Hi. I’m looking for men & women who’ve bought lots of new clothes in the last 3 years but haven’t bought or worn any 2nd hand clothes. 

Why? A radio station asked me “Why don’t people buy or wear 2nd hand clothes?”. I was honest. I said I didn’t really know. So, they set me some homework – a challenge – to find out why.

This is NOT judgemental. You don’t or won’t need to justify your actions. This is just about listening and understanding. It’s going to be part of some conversations about why our Op Shops and Charity Shops are full of clothes people won’t/don’t buy, why 600kg of clothes are going to landfill every minute, why Councils and Governments are facing escalating waste and landfill costs and why we’re not sharing resources in our cities. 

We’ll have a chat over Skype or on the phone or if you’re in Brisbane we can meet for a coffee. My deadline is 1st Sept. 

If this isn’t you that’s ok, but if you know someone who fits the bill, please share this message with them.  

If it is please drop me a private message or email  E: rachel(at)

Thanks for your help and thank you for reading.